Frequently Asked Questions

The Mission accepts donations of food, clothing, toiletries, furniture in good condition, working appliances, and gently used/clean toys. For a more extensive list, please visit our in-kind donation page.

Due to limited resources, we generally do not do pick-ups. Drop off times M-F 10AM to 3PM. Call Matt at 518.858.8096 prior to drop off.

The Mission is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, completely funded by private donations and does not accept any city, state or federal funds.

We generally discourage giving panhandlers money and instead encourage people to meet that individual’s immediate needs by packing a care kit. Download “How to Pack a Care Kit” guide.

Please contact Sue Jones at 518.462.0421 and she can reduce or stop mailings.

We would be happy to send a representative to speak at your church service or at your special event. Please contact Denise Manning at 518.462.0459 x 227.

Come to the Mission’s front desk before 5:30pm with some form of identification or another means to prove your identity. For more information, visit our Shelter page.

  • Yes! For dates and times of operation, visit our Clothing page.

Unfortunately, we do not offer this kind of assistance.